Do I need a Fireguard with a Wood burning or Multi fuel Stove?

Do you need a fire guard with a Wood burning or Multi fuel stove? And if so, what type of fire guard should you get?

These are common queries from parents who are concerned about the safety of wood burning stoves with children around. Let’s look at when a fire guard may be necessary, and what to consider when choosing one.

If you have young children who are likely to be around the wood burning stove frequently, it is strongly advised to have a fire guard. While adults are aware of how hot the outside of a stove is likely to become, children will often attempt to touch the stove out of curiosity, because they have been asked not to, or accidentally. A Fireguard that also envelopes the front of the hearth, will also help prevent injury from sharp corners, and tripping on the raised surface. 

What type of fire guard should you use with a Wood / Solid Fuel Stove?

To prevent the Fire guard being a hazard, it is recommended that one is chosen which can be fixed directly to the walls behind the Stove/ Fire setting. Young children may lean on or pull on the guard to try to support themselves. Look for a guard that can be attached directly to a wall and has a gate on the front – much like a baby gate – that allows safe adult access to the fire, while keeping little ones out. Please follow the link below for an example.

If a free-standing Fire Guard is preferred, then it is recommended that a Guard with a mesh front is used to prevent small fingers reaching through holes to touch the stove. 

Dynasty 3 fold screen chrome fire guard
A mesh free standing Fireguard

Is it advised to have a fire guard with a log burner if you don’t have children? 

Since Wood and Multi Fuel stoves are fully enclosed with a glass front, a fire guard is rarely advised. There is a legal hearth requirement of 300mm in front of the stove, to ensure that the hearth comes out far enough in front. This reduces the risk of hot ash or embers meeting with flammable surfaces. In some situations, such as old cottages, or installations prior to this requirement, the hearth is short of the recommended length. This should be rectified.

Are there any other child safety considerations for wood burning stoves?

We all know children have a tendency for curiosity, and a Wood burning stove is very warm, beautiful, and enticing. We strongly recommend adult supervision when children are in the same room as a lit stove. 

If you’re considering installing a wood burning stove in a home with children, do not hesitate to contact Caledonian Stoves for a quote, and include any questions you might have about safety.