The best time to purchase a new Wood burning or Multi fuel stove.

So, you are considering purchasing a wood burning stove, but are not sure of the best time to buy. Often, people do not think to purchase a stove until the nights draw in and the weather is cold, but this may not guarantee a Winter installation. Here are some considerations to guide you through the best time to have a stove installed.

Stove lead times

From the point of contacting Stove companies and obtaining prices, to ordering a stove, and waiting for delivery, the process can take approximately 2-4 months. If a stove is in stock then delivery will take 2-4 weeks as a guideline. If the stove is not in stock and must be manufactured, then the lead time is approximately 10-12 weeks. Stoves coming from abroad may incur import tax.

Weather conditions

Installing a stove in your home can require some invasive work. For example, an Interior Insulated Flue system from the top of the stove going up through the house, will require making a hole in the roof for the protruding flue pipe. To avoid water damage to the interior of your home, this is best achieved when it is not raining.

The Spring, Summer and Autumn months are the best times to install a new stove as there is less chance of poor weather causing issues and delays. In the winter months your installers face issues such as:

  • Cement not curing correctly and cracking due to the cold
  • Slippery roof surfaces
  • Short days
  • Working on roof tops in the dark
  • Paint not drying because of cold and damp conditions
  • Silicone not drying or sealing correctly due to wet and cold surfaces. This can lead to leaks at a later stage.
  • Strong winds and bad weather causing delays due to emergency repair works, or the inability to safely carry out the installation.

Ladders sliding on icy and frosty surfaces or being blown over in strong winds are very real hazards when working on roofs.

Although your installers will do their best ensure ladders are safely secured where possible, ladders falling or slipping not only pose a real risk to the safety of your installers, but also to property and people around.

Getting in touch

It is our passion to provide customers with a Wood burning or Multi fuel Stove to see you through the chilly nights, and to create a beautiful focal point in your home for family and friends to gather. We hope our articles will provide a useful guide to some of the questions you may have. Please contact us for a chat, or for a free survey and quotation.