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Discover the charm and efficiency of a stunning wood-burning stove, a sustainable heating solution that provides plenty of warmth and helps you save on energy bills while being carbon neutral. Our selection of products includes a wide range of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves from top manufacturers, ensuring quality, affordability, and a variety of options to enjoy.

Supply and fitting of wood-burning stoves

Keep cosy all year round with our extensive range of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, including DEFRA exempt and new stove options. Today, wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves give unrivalled heat while being both a beautiful and practical new addition to any room, so no matter how cold it is outside, you can relax in front of the fire. Our DEFRA exempt stoves ensure compliance with environmental regulations, offering peace of mind alongside warmth and comfort.

We can supply and fit the following stoves:

  • Wood-burning stoves
  • Multi-fuel stoves
  • Traditional stoves
  • Contemporary stoves
  • DEFRA exempt stoves

Caledonian - Professional Wood Burning Stove

Choosing Caledonian for your wood-burning stove means you get more than just a service. You get a partner committed to doing an excellent job in every way.

Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re different:

  • Trusted Experience: Our team has over 30 years of experience in construction and design, making us skilled enough to handle any project.
  • Custom Designs: We create what you imagine. We focus on designing wood-burning stoves that match your style and individual needs, making sure they fit your home just right.
  • Full Service: We help you from the first meeting to after we’ve installed everything. We’re here for you all the way to make sure you’re totally happy.
  • Quality Assurance: We work with top brands in the market to bring you high-quality stoves that work well and last a long time.
  • Easy Process: We offer free surveys and quotes, clear communication, and promise to be on time and clean, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We’re dedicated to making you happy and meeting your needs. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Choose Caledonian for easy, professional service that puts your comfort first.

The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are great for people who care about looks and usefulness. They make any space look better and have many advantages that improve your living space and way of life.

Here’s why choosing a wood-burning stove is a smart choice:

  • High Efficiency: Wood-burning stoves give off more heat and use less wood than old fireplaces, making your room warmer.
  • Cost-Effective Heating: Burning wood, which can be replaced, helps cut heating costs and uses less oil or gas. It’s cheaper and better for the planet.
  • Environmental Benefits: Wood stoves are cleaner and better for the environment. They make less pollution than open fires and old stoves, helping to keep our air clean.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wood-burning stoves are more than a way to heat up; it’s also a decor piece. It makes any room look better, whether its shape is old-fashioned or modern.
  • Durability and Longevity: Our stoves are made to last a long time. They are made with high-quality materials and can handle many years of use. Buying one of our stoves means you’ll stay warm and comfortable for many years.
  • Accessory Options: Make your experience better by choosing from our stock of accessories like log baskets and custom glass door options to make sure everything fits what you like and need.

Check out our website to see our wide selection of wood-burning stoves and pick the best one for your home. Our expert team can help make your heating better, warmer, and stylish.

Areas We Cover

Glasgow • Edinburgh • Perthshire • Fife • Stirling • Falkirk • Dunblane • Alloa • Doune • Linlithgow • Cumbernauld

Our Easy Process

We provide free home visits to assess your needs and space, ensuring a stress-free decision process with no upfront payment required. Our goal is to keep things simple and assist you with any concerns.

  • Book a free consultation in your home for an easy survey, no pressure.
  • Chat with our skilled engineer about what you need.
  • Our engineer will measure your space, the height of your property, and the roof.
  • Receive a custom information pack made just for you.
  • Browse suitable stove brands and fireplace designs via an online showroom with links we send.
  • Get your free quote. You pay nothing until you order.
  • Contact our team if you have any questions.

What Our Customers Say

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