Frequently Asked Questions

No, Woodburning Stoves are not being banned in the UK. The production of Multifuel stoves will be phased out by 2023 to avoid people burning coal and wet logs but you can still burn wood and will not have to replace your Multifuel stove.
Manufacturers have strict regulations to adhere to which is why stoves are now mostly Eco, Clean burn and/or Defra approved. Burning wet wood is seriously discouraged as it turns the glass black and will not produce heat. It also chocks up the liner. Larger towns and cities have smoke-controlled areas permitting recently purchased stoves to be Defra or Eco design ready.

In Scotland there are no regulations to say that you must have a professional tradesman or HETAS registered Tradesman install your stove. However, there are many factors to consider and it not an undertaking for those afraid of heights or heavy labour. It is very much advised to get an experienced team in to install it for you. The fire risk is very real and installation must meet the correct standards.

Stoves should have a Data plate with a serial number which can be found on the back, sides or underneath the stove. Failing that, it is advisable to send a photo of your stove to a reputable stove shop/installation company, and they may be able to identify it for you.

The Kilowatt output of the stove of the stove is calculated by the cubic meterage of the room. Most stoves have a range either side of the stated amount by 1-3 KW. Therefore, a quality 5KW Stove can give off a heat between approximately 4-7KW. This is dependent upon the quality of the stove but also the quality of material being burnt. Wet wood will produce a very poor heat and smoke up your glass.

After a winter of regular use, it is advisable to get your Chimney/Flue Swept every spring/summer ready for the next Autumn/Winter period. Your stove can also be checked for efficiency, serviced and smartened up.

Fire Bricks often crack during use. This is generally not a concern unless there is crumbling or excessive cracking and are easily replaceable. Stove rope often needs replaced depending upon how frequently the stove is used and the stoves age. This will improve the seal around the door and improve heat output.

The best woods to burn are: Ash, Oak, Birch, Beech, Cherry or Sycamore.

Yes, an internal or external Flue system runs from the stove and out through the wall or up through the house. A reputable stove installer will have up to date knowledge of building regulations to ensure everything is installed safely. A fireplace can also be created by installing a false chimney breast in the room to allow for an inglenook stove and chamber.–safe-operation/