Will smokeless coal be banned?

For the first time since the 1950s, the Government has imposed restrictions on what can be
burnt in domestic fires, which has led to many people asking, ‘will smokeless coal be
banned’? The answer to this is no, however, the sale of wet or unseasoned wood (wood which has not
been dried or seasoned) and coal are being banned.

It is still permissible to use wood that has been properly seasoned and other proprietary
fuels, such as wood briquettes, which are made from compressed wood chips or sawdust.
Manufacturers of these need to be able to show that they produce a small amount of smoke
and have a very low sulphur content.

bags of smokeless coal

Will smokeless coal be banned?

The Government has announced plans to phase out wet wood and coal as domestic fuels in
a bid to improve air quality, particularly in urban areas. The plan is for these fuels to be
banned entirely by 2023. They are a major cause of the production of micro-particle
pollutants, which are especially harmful due to their small size – they are less than the width
of a human hair. So, will smokeless coal be banned? Well, as it’s air pollution that is the
cause for concern, any smokeless fuel will continue to be in use.

The best wood for your stove

Kiln dried hard wood and manufactured solid fuels, such as fire logs or briquettes, are
cheaper to buy and burn much more efficiently. By passing this legislation, it is hoped that
every wood burning household will burn less polluting fuels.

Since May 2021, it has been mandatory for fuel suppliers to display the ‘Ready to Burn’ logo
to show that it complies with the latest Government specifications. After buying your wood, it
is important to store it in a dry place and make sure it isn’t exposed to damp or moisture.

If you are growing and cutting wood yourself, make sure it is seasoned for at least two years
by storing it outside but under cover, and in a way that allows air to circulate freely. Use a
moisture meter to measure the water content in the wood and to make sure it is less than

Regular maintenance of your stove

In order to optimize the performance of your stove, it is important to clean and maintain your
wood burning stove regularly. This also reduces the risk of a chimney fire, which can be
caused by the build up of residue from the smoke. A clean and clear flue will help draw
out the heat from your fire, maximizing the benefits from your stove. At Caledonian Stoves,
we will not only help you choose your stove, but we will also install it and maintain it for you as well.

An end-to-end service

A wood burning stove is an investment, and choosing the one that is best for you, as well as
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