Why buy a wood burning stove?

Many people are increasingly investing in wood burning stoves as an alternative to conventional fireplaces. However, if you’re wondering why buy a wood burning stove, then keep reading as we explore the benefits.

Why buy a wood burning stove?

girl in front of wood burning stove

Wood burning stoves are a great way to heat your home. They provide a focal point for your room and help to create a cosy, homely ambience that it can be hard to drag yourself away from. They’re not just a pleasant optional extra, however. They also have a range of benefits that can make them a practical, efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Here are just some:

An eco-friendly way to heat your home

One of the great things about wood burning stoves is that they use renewable fuel. Wood is an endlessly renewable source and is kinder to the environment than using gas or electricity from a non-renewable supply. Wood burning is a carbon-neutral activity. What this means is that the carbon dioxide it releases when it’s burnt is roughly the same as the amount of CO2 the tree absorbs in its lifetime. When you burn wood you are only releasing CO2 that the tree has already absorbed.

People who supply firewood for wood-burning stoves are usually actively managing woodlands, planting new trees and maintaining habitats. The trees that are grown for firewood will usually be native UK species, which support a whole ecosystem. Wood grown for firewood makes woodlands commercially viable protecting them from being cut down, sold and developed. Wood is also often grown by farms and other rural businesses as a way of diversifying their income stream. When you buy firewood from a local supplier you are often helping to support the local economy.

Lower your fuel bills

With the cost of gas and electricity going through the roof, the cost of firewood has remained consistent. A wood-burning stove puts you back in control of your fuel bills while providing an attractive way to heat your home. By using a stove fan you can help the hot air circulate even more efficiently around your room, and further around your home. Have your stove burning for any length of time and it’s amazing just how much it warms up your home, not just the room it’s located in.

Enjoy highly efficient heating

Modern wood-burning stoves are becoming more efficient as well as eco-friendly. This means that more heat is generated and distributed around your home rather than up the chimney. This lowers your fuel bills while making your room warm and inviting. Installing an efficient flue system can also help to ensure that your stove operates as efficiently as possible.

Heat your hot water

If you live off-grid or are looking to lower your fuel bills, then a boiler stove may be a smart option. These not only give you all the benefits of a wood-burning stove, but they can also heat your water and radiators.

Complement your home decor

Wood burning stoves can make an attractive feature piece of any room and come in a range of different sizes and styles to suit different homes and space. Whether you’re looking for a traditional stove to contribute to your rustic farmhouse theme or a more modern stove design, there’s a wide range of different stove designs to choose from.

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