The Revival of Wood Burning Stoves in Scotland: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Wood burning stoves have long been a part of Scotland’s rich heritage. In recent years, there has been a noticeable resurgence in their popularity. Combining traditional warmth with modern aesthetics and technology, wood burning stoves are now at the forefront of sustainable heating solutions. This article explores the revival of wood burning stoves in Scotland, […]

Do you need an air vent with a log burner?

Wood-burning stoves are a popular and more efficient alternative to open fires. A survey willassist your installer in ensuring you have the right Kilowatt output stove for home. Especiallywith energy prices rising, many people are finding them a worthwhile investment. Stoves are more efficient and eco-friendlier than ever before. When you have a wood-burning or […]

Can you put coal in a log burner?

With rising energy prices across the country, many homeowners are looking to solid fuels asan alternative way to supplement how they heat their homes. While both wood and coal areexceptional sources of home fuel, the devices designed to burn them are not alwaysinterchangeable. For instance, wood burning stoves, also known as log burners, are notsuitable […]

Are wood-burning stoves safe?

Wood-burning stoves are great for keeping you feeling warm and toasty on cold evenings and during the winter, but are they hazardous to your health? The answer to the question ‘are wood-burning stoves safe?’ is somewhat complicated. It alldepends on the quality of the stove you’re using, its ability to exhaust fumes from your home, […]

Will smokeless coal be banned?

For the first time since the 1950s, the Government has imposed restrictions on what can beburnt in domestic fires, which has led to many people asking, ‘will smokeless coal bebanned?’. The answer to this is no, however, the sale of wet wood (wood which has notbeen sufficiently dried out or seasoned) and coal are being […]