Can I have an open fire in my house?

Learn more about the wet wood ban and the difference in efficiency between an open fire and a Stove. The department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK decided to move forward with the ban of selling certain types of wood and house coal in 2021. The government spearheaded the decision to approve […]

The best time to purchase a new Wood burning or Multi fuel stove.

So, you are considering purchasing a wood burning or multi fuel stove, but are not sure of the best time to buy. Often, people do not think to purchase a stove until the nights draw in and the weather is cold, but this may not guarantee a Winter installation. Here are some considerations to guide […]

Do I need a Fireguard with a Wood burning or Multi fuel Stove?

Do you need a fire guard with a Wood burning or Multi fuel stove? And if so, what type of fire guard should you get? These are common queries from parents who are concerned about the safety of wood burning stoves with children around. Let’s look at when a fire guard may be necessary, and […]